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If you are searching for a sweeter solution to staying smooth, then you looking at the right thing, right now. Thousands of years ago in Egypt, Greece, and Mesopotamia, this tasty technique was the preeminent hair-removal technique. And still, no hair-removal process today is more effective, more sanitary, and less painful with the sugaring method -- it uses natural sugar paste made from sugar, lemon juice, guar gum, and water. At PerfectBrowsNYC, licensed estheticians can remove hair from anywhere on your body, and perform bikini and Brazilian treatments, this organic alternative to waxing removes hair with minimal breakage, ingrowns, and discomfort.

Wanna make it even better - Try adding a pinch of chocolate to the above! From late nights filled with made-for-TV movies to post-breakup binges, chocolate has been our trusted friend. Continue you to grow your cocoa companionship.

Opt for the sugaring or chocolate wax, and you'll effectively remove hair, while reducing the likeliness of redness or irritation; or, go for the traditional wax and keep fuzz at bay. Whatever service you choose, you will land a look as sweet as that saccharine treat.


  • Under Arms $15
  • Full Arms $30
  • Half Upper Legs $30
  • Half Lower Legs $25
  • Full Legs $50
  • Bikini Lines $20
  • Deep Bikini $30
  • Brazilian $45
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