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FAQ - General

FAQ - General

Can I specify how I want my brows shaped?
Yes! Before you begin, let your esthetician know how you want your brows shaped and how thick or thin you d like them.

My brows don’t have a natural arch, is it possible to get them shaped that way?
Absolutely, but be aware that to create an arched look, our estheticians will need to remove more hair which creates a thinner brow. If you want a thicker brow shaped to your natural contours, we don t recommend the arched look.

I over tweezed. How long should I wait before my next threading appointment?
Although hair can be removed once it s grown above the surface of the skin, we recommend waiting for about two weeks to give your eyebrows a chance to grow back in so your esthetician can give you the shape you want. You can come in anytime for a clean up.

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