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Customers feedback

This salon is amazing! Very clean and inviting. The women who work here know what they're doing and the prices are amazing. I've gotten my under arms waxed in other places but this was the best experience.
I've also gotten my hair done here and it is awesome.
I highly recommend this salon!


When I went in, my brows were an unsightly, mangy mess. When I left, they were groomed, shaped, stunning. Until today I was a waxing devotee but sick of the irritation it caused. Threading is, in a word, awesome. Super-fast, painless, no weird gunk on my face. And every sixth visit is free! I highly, highly recommend.


I have wanted to try eyebrow threading for some time, but was really worried because I didn't know what was involved.  After reading the favorable reviews of this salon, I decided to try it.  The verdict is - I will never wax my eyebrows again!  Threading is easy, less painful than waxing and quick.  For $7, you can't beat it.  I love the way my eyebrows look.  The salon is clean, the staff is nice and I will definitely return.  If you're on the fence, give it a shot!


I have been a loyal customer for well over 5 years and have had nothing but the most professional and satisfying services.  Perfect brows is the only place I will go to get the perfect bikini/brazilian wax.  I have been very happy having nina for my services.  The entire staff is talented, efficient, thorough and safe.  A new wax is used on me every visit, as they use a new wax for every customer that walks through their door. They abide by all health codes and are extremely clean.  I have been pleased with every visit.


Being an Indian girl, I am a frequent patron of the 2nd Ave location  (between 44th and 55th) as it's my go-to spot for eyebrow threading. So when I discovered that they offer eyelash extensions at $30, I was intent on trying them. I made it a point to ask  Shirin lots of questions beforehand because I was skeptical as the price was so much cheaper than my prior experience. And she gladly answered all of them. The reason behind the lower price is as follows: these aren't individual lashes, but rather clumps of lashes, which are glued onto your natural lashes. They look natural and last up to 3 weeks.  The whole process takes about 15-20 minutes. Thus, the price is cheap due to the decreased labor involved and the fact that they don't last as long. I went to get my extensions prior to an engagement party and LOVED the results.


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